It is worrying enough for one of your employees if they are facing a serious illness or operation, without concerns about money adding to the pressure. Our group critical illness solutions help you to help them with financial support at a difficult time, when they're suffering from a defined injury or illness.

Peace of mind has a positive impact on recruitment

Your people - old and new - will be greatly reassured knowing that you have group critical illness cover and that they will receive a timely lump sum should they fall foul of any number of specified illnesses or injuries. Such a payment could, for example, help them cover medical bills or make alterations to their home.

And though an increasing number of people are surviving critical illnesses for longer, they still might be unable to work for a considerable time; in which case a tax-free lump sum will make a valuable contribution to their well-being and, hopefully, full recovery. As part of a comprehensive employee benefits package, there is no doubt that a group critical illness plan can help your company to attract the very best people.

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