One of our best loved institutions - the NHS - will provide you and your family with comprehensive medical help regardless of your ability to pay. But with us all living longer, the NHS's beds and budgets are under pressure like never before. That's just one reason why private medical insurance is so popular. The other three main reasons include speed - you receive treatment more rapidly; choice - you decide when, where and who operates; and quality - you can enjoy greater levels of privacy, comfort and personal care.

Let us help your medicine go down

In today's fast moving world, if you fall ill or need medical treatment it can be comforting to know that you have private medical insurance to fall back on, to enable you to get well again and get back to work and on with your life. Depending upon your needs and budget we will scour the market to find the best policy to suit your purposes and there are many to consider. These vary from low cost cover plans, offering limited protection, to those that provide wide-ranging benefits. While most policies, for example, give you in and day-patient treatment, outpatient treatment and diagnostic tests aren't always included. Note that advances in modern medicine and the spiralling cost of new treatments can drive up the premiums of any private medical insurance you may already have. So it might well pay to have us review it for you.

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