Did you know that in the UK there are about 4.2 million businesses which are operated by between one and nine people?*. So, it's not difficult to imagine what could happen to a business - yours perhaps - if one key person is absent long term. How would your enterprise cope? What would be the impact on your operations or profits? Let us help allay these worries with cost effective Keyman cover.

Covering those that are crucial to your success

Essentially, Keyman Insurance can provide your business with financial protection against the loss of profits which may arise from the absence, injury, sickness or death of a key person. So, if something unfortunate happens to one of your pivotal people, your business would have ample financial protection, plus cover for the hire or replacement of that key person.

'Key people' are generally considered as any individual whose knowledge, work or overall contribution is considered uniquely valuable to your company, ranging from directors or partners to successful sales people or project managers.

*Source: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 2010.

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