Critical illness protection plans can be structured to meet a range of objectives, from protecting you and your family's income to paying off your medical costs or liabilities, such as a mortgage. Our role is to help you decide what kind of protection is right for you, based on your aims, personal situation, lifestyle and budget.

Tailored to fit your needs

Upon the diagnoses and survival for between 14 and 28 days of a listed disease, a critical illness policy will typically pay out a lump sum. However, they can also provide a regular income, be used to meet medical costs - even paying health care providers directly - be combined with life assurance policies or taken out jointly with a partner. Your options don't end there though. Depending upon the kind of mortgage you have, you might select a level term critical illness plan, where the sum assured remains constant or a reducing plan whereby the amount paid out decreases over the years.

Many factors will impact the cost of critical illness protection, from lifestyle issues such as smoking and the number of illnesses you would like to be protected against (40 is a good benchmark), to the amount and length of cover you require.

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