There are few areas of wealth planning which seem as complex, have made so many news headlines, or are subject to so much recent legislation as that of pensions. However, on 6th April 2006, major changes to the law were introduced to clarify and simplify the options available. But, with pensions available from a wide range of sources these days, independent, expert and experienced advice has never been more important.

We can bring the whole market to you

Whether you are seeking a tailored personal pension plan (PPP) or trying to find the right stakeholder pension scheme (SHP), we can provide you with the guidance you need to make the right decisions. While doing so, we will fully explain the terminology from annuities, life time and annual allowances and contribution levels to pension fund withdrawals, phased retirement packages and death benefits. And no matter what kind of retirement you seek a number of factors can impact your future lifestyle. Generally speaking, the earlier you start, the later you want to draw your pension and the amount you can regularly contribute are all key.

Your pension is a long term investment and the eventual income is dependent upon the amount of money you've paid into the scheme, your fund's size at retirement, how well your investment fund performs, interest rates and tax legislation in the future.

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