It makes sound commercial sense to get any ill or injured employees back to the workplace as soon as possible. A group medical insurance plan can enable your people to bypass the usual NHS treatment channels and receive the care they need in timescales that suit them and your business.

Maximise efficiency, minimise costs

With a CIPD survey reporting in 2009 that average sickness costs to business amounts to around £692 per employee per annum, early, speedy and appropriate intervention can help alleviate this burden on your business.

With the major causes of short term absence being down to minor illnesses such as colds and flu; and major long term absences being due to acute medical conditions, stress, mental health conditions and musculoskeletal conditions (such as back pain), a group private medical insurance plan can help your business to help your people safely and speedily back to health and work. We can source the right scheme for your business and your people. One that can improve employee engagement, morale and retention, while reducing absenteeism and promoting healthy living.

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