Though the state might offer a little assistance, a group income replacement protection plan helps you to safeguard the well-being and lifestyle of your people and their families, should they be long-term absent through illness or injury.

Helping you make your way through the maze of plans

Our role is to help you find the plan best suited to the needs of your business and its budget, while securing the optimum benefits for your staff. Our objective is to offer cost effective peace of mind for both you and your employees.

Group income replacement protection plans - which are sometimes referred to as group permanent health insurance (PHI) - provide your enterprise with the funds necessary to continue to pay staff members unable to work for extended periods. Such policies tend to be rapid, simple and straightforward to set up and we will take you through the whole process, covering matters such as choosing the right deferment period which can be between four and 52 weeks.

Your contributions are normally a deductible expense for corporation tax purposes. Payments made to employees in the event of a claim are subject to income tax & national insurance contributions.

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