Many of us would like to think that if we are forced to take long term sick leave or face long lasting unemployment, the State will help. It does, but the benefits are minimal and the criteria strict. So how would you pay your mortgage and other bills if you were unable to work?

When your life changes, your income can remain constant

Becoming ill or redundant is traumatic enough without added money worries. So income protection insurance has been designed to help protect your income and your family's lifestyle should you become ill, have an accident or be made unemployed. Such a policy pays you a regular sum to protect your standard of living and can be tailored to match your needs.

Factors as varied as your occupation, your gender and the period you're prepared to wait before being paid the income from the policy (which ranges from four to 52 weeks), can all influence your premiums. However, you do not have to pay tax on any benefit you are paid so you don't need to cover your full, gross income.

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