As if you haven't got enough to do to run your business successfully, have you ever considered what might happen if one of your shareholders dies or becomes seriously ill. As most companies are run by a small team of shareholders, it is crucial that the financial security, business stability and continuity of yours is able to continue if the worst should happen and one of them is lost. We can help find the safety net solution you need to overcome such a problem.

Complete peace of mind at the top of your business

If you or your colleagues are shareholders in a private company, our solutions can provide a range of options all dependent upon the needs of your enterprise, it's shareholders and their dependants.

Even more than a Will, a shareholder protection arrangement is the one and only way to ensure that people's wishes - and the requirements of your business - are met in the event of a death of a shareholder. For example, such an arrangement can enable the remaining shareholders to buy the deceased's stake quickly and without fuss, so that it doesn't become a burden on their family or fall into competitive hands. We can provide assistance with a number of suitable vehicles, including trust deeds, life policies, cross option agreements and Inheritance Tax issues.

Trust and tax advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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